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DreamForge is Taking Subscriptions

Beta Test Our Reader Portal

In anticipation of the 2/14/19 Launch of our Founders Issue, DreamForge Magazine has launched our Subscriber/Reader Portal, and we’ve started taking subscriptions!

We hope you’ll give it a test drive! (A Beta Test Drive.)

DreamForge Subscriber Portal

What is a Subscribers’ Portal? We’ve developed our own technology – an online dashboard for interacting with the digital version of the magazine, read free and exclusive content, rate stories, buy SWAG and more.

Levels of Access to content include:

  • “Free to Visitors” (anyone visiting the page has access.)
  • “Exclusive to Registered Users” (sign up to read exclusive content.)
  • “Purchased or Subscribed” (in addition to an annual subscription, you will ultimately be able to purchase access to individual magazines and stories.)

Our Content is Mobile Ready

Our goal is to provide a comfortable reading experience across a broad range of devices, from your desktop to your phone. That will take some tweaking of course, so let us know what doesn’t work.

UPDATE 12-15-18:

We already know there are some display issues on Apple Tablets and iPhones. If you see text all scrunched up along the side – we’re working on that (expect a bug fix next week).

We’ve also heard that Registration using Microsoft Edge may be a problem.

Your Profile Looks Like This

DreamForge Subscriber Personal Profile

Your Personal Dashboard

Once you create a free account or subscribe, you have your own personal dashboard to log in to, where magazines and exclusive content will show up, and you earn badges, like being a DreamForge founder (for those who subscribe before 2/28/19), or a writer or illustrator’s badge, a first-line reader badge, and more…

Once you create an account, explore the menu. Now, you’ll be able to rate stories, make notes about them, and create favorites that show up on your My Profile page.

Issues, Collections, Novellas

DreamForge Portal, Issues Screen

Beta Testing

Making this all work smoothly is a challenge. We invite you to help us Beta Test. Poke around in the system and see what works and what doesn’t. What’s confusing and what’s user friendly. Send us some notes to help improve the experience for everyone.

Please don’t feel under any obligation to subscribe, but if you were going to subscribe anyway, now is a good time – as it will be another opportunity to teach us what breaks and what doesn’t.

Subscriber Landing Page: 

If you are among one of the first 100 to subscribe, you get a set of 5X7 postcards featuring illustrations from our Founders’ Issue along with a FREE eBook – The Stellar Glory, a new space opera about the battle for the nature of reality itself.

FREE USER ACCOUNT.  We do encourage you to create a user account, which is free and takes no more than your email address and a password. (If you subscribe or make a purchase in the future, it just ads content to your account.)

We never sell, trade. or share email addresses, and we’ll be respectful about not spamming your email ourselves either.

We appreciate your attention and your help. If you don’t have the time or interest now; we encourage you to check back when you’re ready.

All our best to you,

The Team at DreamForge.

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