Submissions Guidelines

DreamForge is CLOSED for Submissions

The current submission period closed on 11/30/21. Thank you to all our hopeful contributors!  We look forward to reading your stories. Over 500 were submitted this period!

Within a few weeks we hope to get back to most of you with the status of your story. Most stories will be returned without editorial comment.

Providing individual comment, even for stories that are “almost there” is enormously time consuming, as we are all volunteers with day jobs to contend with. Throughout the year, we try to pick a few promising stories and work with their authors toward improving the manuscript. We also will make informational videos that we hope you’ll find instructive. The first of those is already on this page, explaining your odds of making a sale.

If you’d like to work on your writing with us, consider joining us in our DreamCasters discussion group, available to our Patreon supporters at Tier Two an above. All proceeds go to pay for stories in future issues of DreamForge Anvil.

Learn more about what we look for (when we are open) in the guidelines below.


1Story Length
Shorter is better!

This reading period, our sweet spot for stories will be between 2,500 and 3,750 words.

Overall, we will consider the following word counts:

Flash Fiction: 200 - 1500 words
Short Stories: 1,500 - 4,500 words
Poems: up to 900 words
2Submission Formatting
Your story must be submitted in Word or RTF format.

Name, Address, Email, and Word Count at the top left of the first page.
Title of Story (centered)
Your Byline (centered)

Page Layout:

Font: Arial, Size 12
Double spaced
Indented paragraphs
Single space after periods.
No extra line break between paragraphs
Section breaks, as needed, should be three ### symbols, centered on the page.
In the document Header, include Title/Last Name/Page #

File Naming:

When you SAVE your file, name it in the following way: StoryTitle-V01.doc  as in "Pangenesis-V01.doc." 

In case we ask for edits or a rewrite, the second version would be V02, etc. (You may include your name in the file name if you wish)

During the submission process, you will have the opportunity to write a cover letter, enter the word count, select genre and story type, etc. (We know that's a bit of double work, but there's the story and then there's the submission log, and if they get separated this helps us know what went where and what belongs to whom, etc.)
3Our General Guidelines
Positive stories demonstrating the triumph of the human spirit and the power of hope and humane values in overcoming the most daunting challenges.

We are interested in all SF and Fantasy genres, but horror is unlikely to find a home here.

No to Pollyannish and Utopian simplicity.
Yes to communities and teams working together to overcome dire challenges.
Yes to marginalized and under-represented characters as protagonists.
Yes to science and magic that solve problems, alleviate suffering, and boldly explore new possibilities.
No to corrupt, dystopian governments or evil corporations.
Tone down the violence, profanity, and sex. It's only useful if the story demands it.
4Contracts and Payment
Our contract is based on the model provided by the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA). Copyright and story ownership remain with the author. Contract terms are negotiable within reason.

We acquire First World Rights for online/electronic and print publication, exclusive for a period of six (6) months following the first date of publication and nonexclusive thereafter. (For practical purposes, print in 2021 will be limited to Kindle Direct Publishing. Since Kindle would have the ability to print and deliver from any locality, we're revising our language to say "First World Rights.")

Payment is $0.06/word.
Payment for reprints is $0.03/word
Poems are paid at the rate of $25 to $100

Payment is on Acceptance
5Miscellaneous Notes
One submission at a time, please, but you are welcome to submit again if your story is returned.

If we offer suggestions on improving your writing or story structure, we want to see evidence that you tried to follow our advice on your next submission.

Simultaneous submissions are OK, if you let us know as soon as your story is accepted elsewhere.

Please allow 6 to 9 weeks for our review and final response. We try to be faster, but we have full-time day jobs and we can get overwhelmed.

We will consider reprints if you can show that publication rights have reverted to you, the author.

If you haven't heard from us on a story you think may have gotten lost in the shuffle, feel free to query us at

Submissions will be through our online Submissions Portal, which is only available during submission periods.


Curious Why Stories Get Rejected?

You know, you are probably a pretty decent writer. There is a very good chance we are going to like your story, even admire parts of what you have accomplished with it. We know that going in, but still, the odds of us choosing your story for publication are pretty slim.

Read our Blog Post: Why We Didn’t Buy Your Story


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