What is DreamCasters?

DreamCasters is a DreamForge discussion group devoted to helping our members improve their writing and storytelling through discussion and sharing expertise. DreamCaster membership is through Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/DreamForgePress.  Supporters at $3/month and above can participate in monthly DreamCaster meetings, take part in DreamCaster writing challenges, and learn from DreamCaster guest speakers.


Check our News Page. Each Meeting is Announced in a Blog Post.

DreamCasters Discussion Group

Our goal is to form a community. We want more than other online “resources.” There are many resources out there. But we want this to be about “people as resources.”

We welcome writers of all levels that love speculative fiction or readers who are interesting in writing and storytelling. We want to improve everyone’s writing and storytelling through discussion and sharing expertise. And we want to increase everyone’s successes through awareness and sharing information about the business of writing.


General Structure

Generally a 60-70 minute session 

  • Intro, DreamForge News 5 min
  • Guest or topic 40 min
  • Current Writing Challenge
  • Giveaways!
  • Story Prompts
  • What's Up Next Month?


  • This would be a moderated discussion, but not necessarily a “panel of experts” kind of a discussion - More of a roundtable discussion.
  • We can use Zoom breakout groups. After a bit of a larger discussion, break into groups of 5 or 6 people to discuss the topic in depth. 
  • Once we bring the group back together, we can make any additional points.


  • Authors
  • Editors from other publications
  • Business oriented guests
  • Science/technology guests

If the Q&A keeps going, can move it to discord or bring the author back for another session.


One Session/Month to start

Currently we're working with the last Sunday of the month, Noon, Eastern time.

We may determine that we need one per month in each time slot. These could be the same discussion in both groups.  Initially, I’m thinking each is unique with recordings available for those that can’t make the scheduled time slot.

Limit the Number of Attendees

  • We reserve the right to limit the number of DreamCaster slots available, depending on how well meetings are going and if we are meeting our objectives with the number of attendees we have.


One Discord group/channel that could help people in different time zones converse.  I think most of these would be open to anyone who participates in any of the DreamForge Webinars (not just the Dreamers Discussion Group.)

  • DreamCasters Discussion – Limited solely to the DreamCaster Group participants
  • DreamCasters Ideas & Suggestions – Limited solely to the DreamCaster Group participants
  • Business of Writing – Any DreamForge Webinar Participant
  • Critiques – Any DreamForge Webinar Participant
  • Research/expertise questions – Any DreamForge Webinar Participant
  • Keep apprised with DreamForge News – Any DreamForge Subscriber
  • TBR list – Any DreamForge Subscriber

Funding & Benefits

Funding – Membership Fee

We pledge simply that your monetary support buys stories, and occasionally illustrations. We’re volunteers helping writers, who in turn help other writers, improve their craft and achieve publication.


  • Session recordings (unedited) will be available through Patreon (So if you’re interested in a topic, but not able to attend you can still see the video.)
  • ½ off your next year’s subscription to DreamForge.
  • Advance notice of submission periods. First in line for story reviews during submission periods.
  • Membership to the restricted Discord groups
  • Discount code for DreamForge Webinars.
  • Discount code for DreamForge merchandise.
  • Writing games and contests just for DreamCasters.
  • We’ll have a giveaway at every DreamCasters Webinar. (It could be a story review, a one-on-one with Scot, free merch, or anything else we come up with.)


Writing Topic Ideas

  • Converting a short story to a novel (or novella)
  • Moving from short stories to novels (or novellas)
  • Optimism vs Utopia
  • World building in short fiction
  • Making your story stand out
  • Creating inclusive stories and characters
  • How do you know how long a story should be
  • Using tropes and turning them upside down
  • Researching
  • The appeal of anti-heroes
  • Tricks to avoid infodumps
  • Getting started when you’re blocked
  • Race and class in speculative fiction
  • How much science do you need in your SF?
  • Comparisons of methods like Save the Cat, Story grid, etc. Peoples thoughts and experiences.

Business of Writing Topics

  • Submissions
    • How to you keep track of your submissions
    • Where do you look for submissions
    • How do you decide what story to send to a market
  • Technology and tools
    • Websites you should know about
    • Software like Scrivner and others
  • Self publishing
  • Self promotion and marketing
  • WordPress and Websites
  • Newsletters and a mailing list
  • Networking
  • Podcasting
  • Getting an Agent – are they necessary, how do you go about it
  • Making a living
  • Understanding contracts
  • SFWA
  • Working with Editors – when to say no
  • Latest market trends in SF

Some of the business topics may be one quick concept that could fit into a quick 15 minute discussion.  Others may be a guest with a Q&A or a topic with a breakout.

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