DreamForge FAQs

#1 | Why Should You Buy This Magazine?

Because tomorrow isn’t as bad as it seems.

DreamForge Magazine Publisher Scot Noel
Publisher Scot Noel

From TV and Movies to Social Media, from the never-ending News Cycle to Dystopian Fiction, the defining spirit of our moment in history is bleak and may grow bleaker still.

At DreamForge, we know this self-fulfilling vision of apocalyptic culture shall not stand.

  • The course of history is clear. The dreams that have opened the universe to us live longer than the nightmares which test our resolve.
  • While the universe is a dangerous place and we, as a species, often add to that danger by becoming our own worst enemies – at DreamForge we do not subscribe to hopelessness or futility as a vision of the future or of any setting or situation.
  • You need to be a part of DreamForge Magazine; if for no other reason than because we believe in you. As compelling as tales of darkness and devastation may be, you want more. More than stories of lone heroes struggling against tyrannical empires. More than visions of worlds put to ruin by the darker impulses of mankind.
  • DreamForge Magazine Publisher Jane Noel
    Publisher Jane Noel

    Our theme is hope. In all worlds and times, our tales revolve around those communities and individuals who bring meaning and value to the world, whose actions are of consequence, and whose dreams are the vanguard of things to come.

In addition to our sanguine attitude, our mission is to create an outstanding publication, a periodical that is illustrated, readable, serious, and fun. Our print issues are designed for both visual and haptic appeal, delivering at last a beautiful, satisfying object to hold and enjoy, a magazine that is readable from the beach to the bedroom.

We need heroes to support our efforts and help us develop a new vision of the possible.

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#2 | What Types of Stories does DreamForge Publish?

DreamForge Magazine is a publication of fantasy and science fiction.

Future City
By iurii

Our stories of Science Fiction are based in worlds where the core theory of physics holds sway and technology, science, and scientific thinking are critical aspects of solving challenges and securing a better future. (Presenting science as a key human endeavor takes precedence over delivering “hard” or factually accurate science.)

Our stories of Fantasy are based in worlds where the author’s own imagination sets the rules, but where the rules are coherent and understandable, and where critical thinking and inventive approaches win out.

We prefer basic, traditional storytelling.

An empathetic protagonist (or group of characters) faces a difficult challenge. Engaging with the challenge reveals further difficulties, the consequences of which could be catastrophic for the character, their loved ones, or their community.

By lady_in_red13

By putting themselves at risk and proceeding with perseverance, integrity, and intelligence, the character brings the evolving crisis to a conclusion.

The challenge could be physical, moral, existential, or psychological. The protagonist need not be human, only humane. The conclusion need not be an ultimate one (the world is saved), nor a happy one, nor one in which the character survives. Only hope, compassion, love, and another chance at a better future must endure.

With those parameters in mind, we expect to publish a little of everything, including space opera and urban fantasy, steampunk and high adventure. We hope to provide a fertile playground for the imaginations of authors from across the spectrum of speculative fiction.

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#3 | Where Will You Get Your Stories?

Woman Dreamer Beneath Stars
By Delpixel

Our tagline “Connecting Dreamers – Past and Future” has several levels of meaning. On one plane it refers to our goal of publishing old hands and established authors alongside new and inclusive voices.

At DreamForge Magazine, we seek contributions from people with wide ranging and diverse experiences in life. There are many possible futures and many more worlds of the imagination. We would be poor indeed to imagine only one wearisome and uniform reality.

The publishers of DreamForge Magazine are eclectic readers. We find delight in exploring new worlds, especially those reflecting the experience of authors whose life stories brings with them perceptions, discernments, and values worthy of being shared.

Dreamer Beneath the Stars
By Denis Belitsky

We acquire our stories from:

  • The DreamForge Team, as we seek to explore the limits and potentials of our vision.
  • Solicited Works, as we reach out to established authors with the skills to advance our dreams further still.
  • Unsolicited Submissions, where we can drink from an ever-freshening fount of unexpected treasures.

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#4 | Should We Expect Happily Ever After Endings?

Holding a Candle Against the Dark
By Tithi Luadthong

No, not necessarily. We hope to tread unusual ground. While it is easy to appear serious in creating grim and dark adventures, it is equally likely to come across as banal and hackneyed when crafting falsely upbeat tales.

Our goal is to publish fiction and commentary that embody, in one way or another. these essential principles: integrity and decency, compassion and creativity, intelligence and inventiveness, the rule of law and liberty under the law; the dignity of the individual, and the power of synergy to unleash the potential of disparate individuals and communities for the betterment of all.

Instead of heroes whose trials save the world, we prefer tales of exploration and discovery, narratives where individuals struggle for the ascendency of humane values and communities work together to overcome dire challenges.  That is the world of the imagination with which we should concern ourselves. That is the future that has been given to us, across multiple generations of science and fantasy fiction fans, to build.

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#5 | How Will You Engage with Your Audience?

storytelling by campfire
Moonlight Stories, by Jane Noel

More than a message, DreamForge is a conversation. You’ll see us on Social Media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. We plan to introduce surveys, contests, interviews, podcasts, and giveaways.

Ours is not to preach but to encourage. The human adventure is about more than divisive politics, cut-throat competition, and the ascendancy of greed and power. You know it, and we believe in you.

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#6 | How Can I Help?

Are you a dreamer too? There are a number of ways to support our efforts – over an above a subscription.

DreamForge is a project of Scot and Jane Noel, lifelong geeks and fans of fantasy and science fiction. Disenchanted with today’s emphasis on grim, apocalyptic tales in speculative fiction, we decided to tell tales of hope in the universe, where reason and humane values survive and occasionally triumph.

We hope you’ll join us as we connect dreamers, past and future, to rekindle that spirit of science and fantasy – the hope and belief that we can work together to build a better world.

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#7 | Will There Be an Online Version?

Yes. You can subscribe to our online version for a phone & tablet friendly, web-based form of each issue.

Online Interface
By Everything Possible

At DreamForge Magazine, we are building our own cloud-based Subscriber Portal and Interface for you to keep track of your purchases, read and rate magazine and stories, and more.

For DreamForge readers who cannot afford to support our publication efforts, you should still feel free to Register Online, as our free content will also continue to grow.

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#8 | How Often Do You Publish?

DreamForge Magazine is a quarterly electronic and print science and fantasy fiction magazine.

Our current schedule projection is:

  • 2/15/19 | Issue 1 (Founder’s Issue)
  • 6/01/19 | Issue 2
  • 9/01/19 | Issue 3
  • 12/01/19 Issue 4

Between issues, look for a variety of posts, including book reviews, articles, and editorials. We also plan to have podcasts, novellas, short stories, and even novels available at times. Some will be freely available to everyone, some delivered only to subscribers, and a few premium pieces at stand-alone prices.

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#9 | When Will You Accept Submissions?

DreamForge Magazine will open for set submission periods.  Check our current submission status on our Call for Submissions page.

#10 | What Rates Are You Paying?

Dragon Treasure
By Melkor3D

DreamForge Magazine pays $0.04 to $0.08/word for stories and articles accepted for publication, depending on:

  • Online only
  • Print and Online
  • Length & Quality
  • Reprint or Original

We pay on acceptance and our author’s contract is substantially based on the model contract provided by the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA). Publisher Scot Noel is an Associate Member of the SFWA.

At DreamForge Magazine, our goal is to build more than to profit. We are a family owned, team supported enterprise and we will do right by our contributors as long as we stand.

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#11 | When Will You Accept Subscriptions?

Subscription Button
By mtkang

Now! We’re open for subscriptions.  We offer three levels Firekeeper (online access), Farrier (print), and Forge Master (print and online).

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Subscription Levels

Firekeeper | $19.99/year or $2.25/month

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Online Only Annual Subscription, with annual or monthly payments.

  • Includes a free e-book – Stellar Glory
  • Includes additional exclusive online content

Farriers | $39.99/year

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Print Only Annual Subscription

  • 4 Issues of our Quarterly Print Magazine

Forge Masters | $39.99/year or $3.75/month

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Print AND Online Annual Subscription, with annual or monthly payments.

  • Receive BOTH the 4 issues of our Quarterly Print and Online versions of the magazine.
  • Includes a free e-book – Stellar Glory
  • Includes additional exclusive online content

Options to buy individual issues and even individual stories will be built in to our online Subscriber’s Portal.

#12 | Who Is Publishing DreamForge Magazine?

In 2018, DreamForge Press was formed by the husband and wife team of Scot Noel and Jane Noel.

Scot and Jane are life-long science fiction and fantasy fans who have worked together since the 1990s, starting at DreamForge Intertainment, one of the pioneering companies in the early days of computer game development.

You can learn more about Scot and Jane on our About Us page and on the page About Scot Noel.

Joining us on this adventure are a core team of colleagues and friends, including:

  • Renowned Science and Fantasy Fiction Author Jane Lindskold, best known for her Firekeeper Saga and collaborations in David Weber’s Honorverse.
  • The House of Zing, home of visual artist Mark A. Zingarelli, known as a creator of high quality illustration, cartoons, and comics for publication and industry.
  • Leah Segal, Social Media Manager for Popular Pittsburgh, student at Washington & Jefferson, and bearer of sufficient energy and enthusiasm build a better world all on her own.
  • Jamie D. Munro is our Editorial Assistant, helping us select stories that embody that special DreamForge touch.

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#13 | What is your Worldview?

At DreamForge Magazine, we believe the core tool kit for human advancement is comprised of science and medicine, technology and artistic expression, an adherence to irrefutable and objective truth, universal education, exploration, and the free and equitable commerce of goods and ideas.

While the universe is a dangerous place and we, as a species, often add to that danger by becoming our own worst enemies – at DreamForge we do not subscribe to hopelessness or futility as a vision of the future or of any setting or situation.

Even so, we see no value in demonizing any of the forces that work against our ideals, including the powers of oppression and of discord and divisiveness. We are all human, and the best stories embrace the many facets of our long-troubled species while holding firm to the better angels of our nature.

The key to changing the argument may not be to argue at all. We encourage those who embrace in their daily lives the principles of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit.

Want to see if we can develop a cohesive and honorable worldview that unites more than it divides? Join our community Newsletter and stay tuned. To be a part of the DreamForge Adventure, Subscribe Now.

future panorama
By sdecoret

#14 | Will You Do Kickstarter and Patreon Campaigns?

Yes. We believe crowd-source funding will be important to the success of DreamForge Magazine.

In January and February 2019, we ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

Our Patreon Campaign is Online Now.

#15 | Will You Publish More than DreamForge Magazine?

If we’re going to dream, we’re going to dream big. The company we founded is called DreamForge Press.

Our first publication is DreamForge Magazine.

After that, who knows. Our sails are set. We’ll go where the winds take us.  Whether that is to our credit or our doom, only time will tell.

space nebula
By HomeArt

In the words of Tennyson, from his poem Ulysses:

It may be that the gulfs will wash us down:
It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles,
And see the great Achilles, whom we knew.
Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and tho’
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

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By Sergey Nivens

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Subscribe with confidence. At DreamForge we will never sell, share, or monetize your contact information. Our goal is to build community, not to take advantage of your trust.

Read our inclusion and privacy policies on the DF Policies page.

At DreamForge, skill, integrity, and civility define our business, our vision, and our community. Our goal is neither controversy nor confrontation, rather ours to speak of indomitable human and humane values; to imagine the possibilities for a greater tomorrow, engage the hopeful spirits of today, and inspire the strong and the willing among us to make a difference.

The arc by which fiction changes the world is long and subtle; we hope you will join us in playing a small part with DreamForge Magazine.

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