DreamForge Kickstarter Approaches the Finish Line

New Rewards Added!

We’re in the final stretch for our Kickstarter! 3 Days to go – so what have we got? Any great new rewards? Yes!

  • Commission an illustration for your eBook cover from Hugo Award Winning artist Elizabeth Leggett for only $350. Suitable for 11.5 X 14 print too. Limit 3. (includes a full year’s Print Subscription).
  • Work in Progress Review. Send us up to 5,000 words. We’ll send back a minimum 300-word review covering the basics of writing style, plot, grammar, characters, dialog, and proper formatting for submission. Limit 5, $90 (includes a full year’s Print Subscription).
  • Sponsor a Short Story. Your name in sponsorship will be displayed along with your sponsored story online and in print whenever sponsored stories appear in DreamForge throughout the year, helping make stories freely available online to all website visitors! Limit 10, $80 (includes a full year’s Print Subscription).
  • Tuckerization in a DreamForge Story. Want your name immortalized in a DreamForge story? Tuckerization is the art of using a person’s name (and possibly some descriptive characteristics) in an original story as a shout out to and memorialization of that person, usually in place of a secondary or minor character. Tuckerize yourself, a loved one, or friend! Limit 5, $95 (includes a full year’s Print Subscription).
  • Corporate Sponsorship. You provide a theme and our authors will deliver 5 pieces of fantasy, science fiction, and/or poetry, totaling 10,000 words. Your sponsorship, including logo, will be prominently displayed both in print and online whenever these stories appear. Limit 2, $500. (includes a full year’s Print Subscription).

    Here’s the Kickstarter Link where you can take advantage of these rewards and more! 

Status Report as we Head toward the Finish Line

  • The first print run of DreamForge is on the presses and should arrive at our offices next week. Everyone who has pledged at a level containing a print version of Issue#1, our Founders Issue, should have one in hand by mid-month. We’re shooting for Valentine’s Day.
  • By 2/14/19, Issue # 1 will also be available online in our Readers Portal.
  • The commemorative Art Postcards mentioned in many rewards are also at the printer and in production.
  • The eBook copies of The Stellar Glory are ready to go to everyone, both Mobi and ePub formats.
We will keep you all informed as things happen, including sharing pictures of the unboxing when our shipment of magazine copies gets here.
We wish you all the best and we appreciate your tremendous support!
The team at DreamForge Magazine
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