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Watch a video preview of Scot Noel's interview with John Goodwin of Writers of the Future.


Scot Noel was published in L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 6 in 1990 which helped launch a very successful career as a writer and in starting his own science fiction and fantasy magazine, DreamForge. 


Cyberpunk was cool. Steampunk was hip. Get ready for Solarpunk. This new emerging genre of art and fiction imagines a future where DIY environmental sustainability dictates the design of everything from skyscraper farms to homemade fashion. 


The best thing about a project like Dreamforge is watching it grow and evolve. Join us for a very special conversation. The check out the website and help Dreamforge brow even more in its’ second year.


In this episode, Alan and Diane interview Scot & Jane Noel, editors of Dreamforge Magazine. They discuss giving back to the community, SFF inspirations, and the decisions they made to create their unique magazine.


Once again we get to speak with Scot Noel about how this project has evolved as Issue #3 comes out this month and work begins on Issue 4 in the never-ending cycle of publishing a quarterly magazine.


Scot Noel is one of the winners of Writers of the Future, Vol 6, back in 1990. He created DreamForge Magazine. He contributed stories to Eden Studios Zombie anthologies. He has stories in Algis Budrys’ Tomorrow Magazine, which is a bit of an inspiration for DreamForge. 


On this edition of Sci Fi Saturday Night we go old school and talk about a new print magazine. To be fair, Dreamforge is much much more than just a print magazine.