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FAQ #12 | What is your Worldview?

DreamForge Magazine is a publication of fantasy and science fiction.

At DreamForge Magazine, we believe the core tool kit for human advancement is comprised of science and medicine, technology and artistic expression, an adherence to irrefutable and objective truth, universal education, exploration, and the free and equitable commerce of goods and ideas.

While the universe is a dangerous place and we, as a species, often add to that danger by becoming our own worst enemies – at DreamForge we do not subscribe to hopelessness or futility as a vision of the future or of any setting or situation.

Even so, we see no value in demonizing any of the forces that work against our ideals, including the powers of oppression and of discord and divisiveness. We are all human, and the best stories embrace the many facets of our long-troubled species while holding firm to the better angels of our nature.

We encourage those who embrace in their daily lives the principles of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit.

Want to see if we can develop a cohesive and honorable worldview that unites more than it divides? Join our community Newsletter and stay tuned.

Read all of our current FAQs on our new DreamForge FAQs page.

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