FAQ # 2 | What Types of Stories Does DreamForge Publish?

DreamForge Magazine is a publication of fantasy and science fiction.

By iurii

Our stories of Science Fiction are based in worlds where the core theory of physics holds sway and technology, science, and scientific thinking are critical aspects of solving challenges and securing a better future. (Presenting science as a key human endeavor takes precedence over delivering “hard” or factually accurate science.)

Future City
By iurii

Our stories of Fantasy are based in worlds where the author’s own imagination sets the rules, but where the rules are coherent and understandable, and where critical thinking and inventive approaches win out.

We prefer basic, traditional storytelling.

An empathetic protagonist (or group of characters) faces a difficult challenge. Engaging with the challenge reveals further difficulties, the consequences of which could be catastrophic for the character, their loved ones, or their community.

By lady_in_red13

By putting themselves at risk and proceeding with perseverance, integrity, and intelligence, the character brings the evolving crisis to a conclusion.

By lady_in_red13

The challenge could be physical, moral, existential, or psychological. The protagonist need not be human, only humane. The conclusion need not be an ultimate one (the world is saved), nor a happy one, nor one in which the character survives. Only hope, compassion, love, and another chance at a better future must endure.

With those parameters in mind, we expect to publish a little of everything, including space opera and urban fantasy, steampunk and high adventure. We hope to provide a fertile playground for the imaginations of authors from across the spectrum of speculative fiction.

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