FAQ # 3 | Where Will You Get Your Stories?

DreamForge Magazine is a publication of fantasy and science fiction.

#3 | Where Will You Get Your Stories?

Dreamer Beneath the Stars
By Denis Belitsky

Our tagline “Connecting Dreamers – Past and Future” has several levels of meaning. On one plane it refers to our goal of publishing old hands and established authors alongside new and inclusive voices.

At DreamForge Magazine, we seek contributions from people with wide ranging and diverse experiences in life. There are many possible futures and many more worlds of the imagination. We would be poor indeed to imagine only one wearisome and uniform reality.

The publishers of DreamForge Magazine are eclectic readers. We find delight in exploring new worlds, especially those reflecting the experience of authors whose life stories brings with them perceptions, discernments, and values worthy of being shared.

We acquire our stories from:

  • The DreamForge Team, as we seek to explore the limits and potentials of our vision.
  • Commissioned Works, as we reach out to established authors with the skills to advance our dreams further still.
  • Unsolicited Submissions, where we can drink from an ever-freshening fount of unexpected treasures.

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