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FAQ # 4 | Should We Expect Happily Ever After Endings?

DreamForge Magazine is a publication of fantasy and science fiction.

#4 | Should We Expect Happily Ever After Endings?

No, not necessarily. We hope to tread unusual ground. While it is easy to appear serious in creating grim and dark adventures, it is equally likely to come across as banal and hackneyed when crafting falsely upbeat tales.

Our goal is to publish fiction and commentary that embody, in one way or another. these essential principles: integrity and decency, compassion and creativity, intelligence and inventiveness, the rule of law and liberty under the law; the dignity of the individual, and the power of synergy to unleash the potential of disparate individuals and communities for the betterment of all.

Instead of heroes whose trials save the world, we prefer tales of exploration and discovery, narratives where individuals struggle for the ascendency of humane values and communities work together to overcome dire challenges.  That is the world of the imagination with which we should concern ourselves. That is the future that has been given to us, across multiple generations of science and fantasy fiction fans, to build.

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