First Line Reader Instructions

When you are a member of our First Line Reader Corps, your DreamForge Portal Account is given special permission to access the submissions database. So, to start, you need to login or create a new account. (The link is:

As a First Line Reader, you have a “Dashboard” Menu Choice others do not.

Select Dashboard.

FLR Instrucitons

Select Submissions from the left-hand menu

FLR Instructions - Imag 2

There are a few controls to learn.

FLR Instructions 3

  1. Preset Filters allow you to select stories that are ready for Review, and under Consideration for purchase, have been Accepted or Returned. All displays every story uploaded into the system. Review is the Default.
  2. Date Submitted. By default, new story submissions appear at the top of the screen. When you click Date Submitted, you reverse the order to show oldest stories awaiting review first. Please do this. Mainly we want to review stories from oldest to newest.
  3. Preview Downloads or Opens the story onto your computer for you to read. (Download vs Open depends on your computer, your browser, and the type of story file uploaded to the system.)
  4. Actions. The two action buttons are Comments and Status. In Comments, you give a Star Rating to the story and write a brief review. Note that you can comment on someone else’s comments. This is a good way to share observations or help mentor new First Line Readers. In Submission Details, you can read the cover letter submitted with the story as well as read notes from the Editor (usually in Returned stories). In the Status area, the Editor-in-Chief can email the author directly with notes on their story and updates to its status.
  5.  Filter and Export pops up a detailed filtering control with some in-depth search parameters for you. You can, for example, filter for all Science Fiction stories from 1,500 to 3,000 words.

A Few Close Up Examples:

When you select Filter and Export, a filtering control appears that allows you to filter by a variety of story parameters.

first line readers

Select Comments (the first Action icon) to comment on and rate stories.

Drag your mouse across the stars to rate the story and add your notes in the comments bar. If others have rated the story, you can read their comments under View All Ratings, as well as click the comments icon on the right to comment on their comments.

FLR Reader Comments

Select Submission Details (the second Action icon) to view the Author’s cover letter and any comments from the Editor.FLR Instructions 4


Wouldn’t it be great if we did such a great job that we won some awards or attracted a lot of new readers?  You can help!  Start reading today!

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