DreamForge First Line Readers

What is a First Line Reader?

FLRs are given access to the DreamForge Submissions System, where you will be able to read, rate, and comment on all the incoming stories submitted for publication.

Working together with the DreamForge Editorial Team, you will help select outstanding stories for future issues.

Your Minimum Commitment

At a minimum, we would like you to read and review 20 unrated stories in 30 days. That is about the equivalent of reading a single magazine in one month. Of course, we also require you to rate and briefly comment on each story.

You can, of course, read and rate as many stories as you want beyond the minimum.

Each commitment is for a single reading period. Every reading period, we’ll check with our FLRs to see if they want to participate again or open their FLR positions to someone new.

If you sign up and cannot meet your commitment, just let us know. We have a limited number of positions, and we’ll offer the opportunity to someone new. If you haven’t rated a story in 20 days, we will assume you can no longer fulfill your commitment and open your position to someone new.

Free Subscription

For helping us out, you’ll have a free online subscription to DreamForge Anvil and all DreamForge issues and materials in the DreamForge Reader’s Portal.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Understand the DreamForge Theme
  • Rate Stories using our Star System and provide a comment or two for each story.
    • 1 Star: Completely Unacceptable | Badly written, Not Engaging, Does Not Follow DF Theme.
    • 2 Stars: Not Recommended | A fair effort and shows promise, but not suitable for DF.
    • 3 Stars: Publishable | May or may not be DreamForge; worthy of “second eyes” read.
    • 4 Stars: Recommended | You believe this one is right for DreamForge.
    • 5 Stars: Highly Recommended | You are willing to argue for this story as right for DreamForge.
  • Be truthful but encouraging in your comments. Writing as if you were talking to the author in person will keep you from being negative and disrespectful.
  • Speak up for the stories and authors you come to appreciate.
  • New this year – look for stories that are “almost there” and that we could reasonably expect we might be able to guide the author into improving for an increased change of a sale to us or another venue. We’ll only be able to do this for a few at a time, but keep an eye out and comment when you think you’ve found one.


  • Don’t feel obligated to read every story all the way through. As you gain practice, read just far enough to make a decision. The best stories will pull you through to the end.
  • Never be cruel in your comments, even though they are internal system notes. The worst story was submitted on wings of high hopes.
  • Please be respectful of other FLRs. Everyone is not going to agree. Everyone is not from the same background, stage of life, or belief systems. Be kind.
  • NEVER (this is a big one), please never share these stories on Social Media, the web, or with friends who are not DreamForge FLRs. The authors do have Copyright to these stories, and posting or sharing them without permission could lose the author a sale and expose you to possible civil legal action. Certainly, it will get you booted out of the FLR corps.

How Do You Apply to be a DreamForge FLR?

Introduce yourself and tell us why you would be a great First Line Reader for DreamForge Magazine. Compose your request in an email sent to FLR@DreamForgeMagazine.com.  We don’t always have an opening for new FLRs, but we won’t know to contact you for your help if you don’t make yourself known to us.

How Do You Access Stories to Read Them?

Once you are a DreamForge FLR, visit our First Line Readers’ Instruction Page.

Star Field Rules of Fiction

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