Proof of Concept

DreamForge MagazineAnother milestone has been reached in the development of DreamForge Magazine.  We’ve accomplished a Proof of Concept test print run. This was a limited run of a few dozen copies, intended to prove out a few key elements of our process:

  • Color palette and paper selection
  • Layout and design coordination
  • Integration of illustrations and spot art
  • Table of contents generation and proofing
  • Perfect binding and soft touch cover treatment

This is a mockup only.  The stories used are all mostly from your loyal publisher, nonetheless, that helped us experience a true layout process – as opposed to filling the pages with lorem ipsum dolor Greeking.

Our next move? Online layout and development of the DreamForge Subscriber Portal. Already underway!  Keep up-to-date with DreamForge Progress – sign up for our eNewsletter today!


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Set to launch in 2019, DreamForge Magazine is a new publication of positive Science and Fantasy Fiction.

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