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Reader’s Portal


Our stories, articles, and magazine issues are found in our Reader’s Portal.

What is a Reader’s Portal? We’ve developed our own technology – an online dashboard for interacting with the digital version of the magazine, read free and exclusive content, rate stories, and more.

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Levels of Access to content include:

  • “Free to Visitors” (anyone visiting the page has access.)
  • “Exclusive to Registered Users” (sign up to read exclusive content.)
  • “Purchased or Subscribed” (in addition to an annual subscription, you will ultimately be able to purchase access to individual magazines and stories.)
DreamForge Subscriber Portal

Register for your FREE account to read exclusive content; come back to subscribe for paid content when you are ready.

Our Content is Mobile Ready

Our goal is to provide a comfortable reading experience across a broad range of devices, from your desktop to your phone.

Your Personal Dashboard

DreamForge Subscriber Personal Profile

Each Subscriber has their own Dashboard under My Profile

Once you create a free account or subscribe, you have your own personal dashboard to log in to, where magazines and exclusive content will show up, and you earn badges, like being a DreamForge founder (for those who subscribe before 2/28/19), or a writer or illustrator’s badge, a first-line reader badge, and more…

Once you create an account, explore the menu. Now, you’ll be able to rate stories, make notes about them, and create favorites that show up on your My Profile page.

All our best to you,

The Team at DreamForge.