Submissions Procedures 2021

DreamForge is CLOSED for submissions.

When We are Open - How do you Upload Your Submission? 

We use a cloud-based portal to which you upload your stories for consideration. Below you will find instructions, both a short version and a long version, depending on your familiarity with such systems and how much detail you might need.

PLEASE, no multiple submissions. If we return something, and we're interested in seeing something else from you in this reading period, and if there is time, we will ask. Just send us the best thing you have right now that fits our guidelines. We appreciate it!

The Short Version:

If you like to jump ahead and figure things out; it's not that hard:

  • Go here:
  • Login (if you have an account already) or click New Account or Subscription (if you don't).
  • Visit My Profile in the menu and select Upload a Submission in the options on the left.
  • Click New Submissions, fill out the next screen, upload your story file, and click Submit.
  • When you submit your file, name the file as follows: StoryTitle-V01.doc  as in "Pangenesis-V01.doc."  In cases where we ask for edits or a rewrite, the second version would be V02, etc. (Do not include your name this time in the file name.)
  • You can check your Profile for the status of your story as it goes from Received to Under Review, Under Consideration, Returned, etc.

That's about it. if something seems confusing or you are the type that appreciates detailed instructions, we have some below, with screenshots. You may refer to them as needed.

The Long Version:

ONE: Visit the DreamForge Web Portal and Login

  • If you are a DreamForge Subscriber or created a Free Registration earlier, just login using your email address and password when you visit our DreamForge Portal Login Screen.
  • If you do not have an account, select New Account or Subscription and create one.

Submissions Login

TWO: Register with DreamForge

  • This step is necessary only if you are new to DreamForge and DO NOT already have a login.
  • Create your login and click submit.


DreamForge Submissions 02

THREE: Welcome to the Portal

  • This is the screen you arrive at whenever you login with a Free Registration.
  • Your Free Registration does give you access to some stories and articles not yet available to the public.
  • Note that you have a My Profile option in the menu. Select My Profile to continue.

DreamForge Submissions 3

Four: You have a Personal Dashboard

  • You can upload an Avatar or your Picture if you like.
  • Magazine Purchases, Favorites Stories, Articles, and Earned Badges show up here.
  • Note that you can Upload a Submission.

DreamForge Submissions 4

Five: A Special Page to Keep Track of Your Stories

  • This page looks a little repetitive, but, as we’ll see, it keeps track of all your story submissions.
  • FIRST, review our Submission Guidelines, then go ahead and make a New Submission.
DreamForge Submissions 5

Like the instructions say, please only submit one story at a time. If your submission is returned, you may immediately submit another.

Six: Story Details

  • This is where you write (or copy & paste) your Cover Letter.
  • Enter your Story Title and Select a Category and Type.
  • Enter the Story’s Word Count (NO commas).
  • Click to Upload your story. (Make sure to follow the formatting instructions below this image.)

DreamForge Submissions 6

Seven: Your Story Tracking Page Shows Your First Submission

  • Your Story Tracking page now shows your first submission.
  • The Story’s status is updated here.  If it is under consideration, returned, or accepted, you’ll see it here.
  • We also notify you via email of any final status on your story.
  • As you submit more stories over time, you’ll see them all in your Dashboard.

DreamForge Submissions 7

DreamForge Submissions 8

Eight: A Few Final Notes

  • If you run into trouble, you’ll notice that your Profile also has a selection called Submit a Ticket. That’s how you can let us know if you have a question or concern. A real live staff member will get back to you.
  • The best way to learn what any magazine wants is to read what they are publishing. Your free registration gives you access to a selection of our stories. Take advantage of it.
  • For the fullest sense of what we are about, consider an Online Subscription. An annual online subscription is only $19.99, or you can pay monthly at $2.25, which is certainly worth it to give yourself the best chance of understanding us by reading us. Just login to your Portal and choose the Fire Tender subscription!

Remember, you can click any image on this page, or the following link, to visit our DreamForge Portal Login.

And Best of Luck to You!

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