Submissions Procedures 2021

DreamForge is Currently Closed to Submissions

While we do not have an exact date set for our next reading period, we estimate late summer or early fall 2021.

We are currently busy building out

Issue 3 – June 12 (est)

Issue 4 – August 14 (est)

Issue 5 – October 10 (est)

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At DreamForge Magazine, we welcome readers with a passion for positive fantasy and science fiction. Here you will find stories where characters endure, overcome, and embrace that spirit of wonder and discovery through which sentient beings invest the universe with meaning and purpose.

Our outlook is sanguine, faithful to those dreamers and makers who came before us to brave ages far darker than our own, supportive of present idealists who remain indomitable in the face our time’s apocalyptic fears, and hopeful that the principles of compassion, justice, and truth shall endure until the end of time.