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Who Do We Have Lined Up for Our First Issue?

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We did it! From our very first issue, DreamForge starts with some exciting tales, both Science Fiction and Fantasy. While we still have some stories and features under consideration, here is the foundation for what we are calling our Founders’ Issue:

  • Mary Soon Lee, winner of the Rhysling Award and the Elgin Award and whose poetry credits include Analog, Asimov’s, F&SF, Strange Horizons, and 119 haiku in Science, starts us off on hopeful footing with “Coming of Age in 2150.”
  • Steven Brust and Skyler White. The writing team behind The Incrementalists book series from TOR delivers a fantasy novelette of fun, wit, and life-long love. It’s titled “Smith’s Point,” but I might have called it “How I met your grandmother and other perilous magical adventures.”
  • Jane Lindskold. Author of the Firekeeper Saga, the Athanor Series, the Breaking the Wall books and much more explores the synergy between art and death in the powerful tale “Born from Memory.”
  • Barbara Barnett. Her The Apothecary’s Curse was a 2017 Bram Stoker Award finalist and recipient of the 2017 Best Adult Fantasy/SF at Killer Nashville. “Z-Spot,” a fun tale of love and decay after the Zombie Apocalypse shows us that when the world ends, we just need to get on with it!
  • Sarena Ulibarri. Editor-in-Chief of World Weaver Press and whose stories have appeared in Lightspeed, Fantastic Stories, and Weirdbook graces our pages with a stunning Solarpunk adventure titled “The Spiral Ranch” where cattle rustling has become a high-tech, ideologically driven enterprise.
  • Paul Dellinger. Many of Paul’s stories from the 1960s through 2013 are collected in the anthology Mr. Lazarus and Other Stories from publisher The Blue Moon Papers. “Con Man” was inspired at the very SF Con (ConGregate 2018) where we met Paul!
  • Dr. Eric Leif Davin, American History Professor at the University of Pittsburgh and author of four history books along with a variety of speculative fiction and fantasy tales brings a measure of academic gravitas to our pages with an article we commissioned on “The Prophetic Vision of Stephen Vincent Benet.”
  • Terra LeMay takes on the concept of hope and turns our expectations on their head with “Glass Roses.” Though it never fades, even our natural yearning for a better world, it seems, can be misused. Terra’s works have appeared in Apex Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, InterGalactic Medicine Show and more.
  • Lauren C. Teffeau’s debut novel Implanted was published by Angry Robot in August of 2018. Her tale “Sing! And Remember” introduces us to a sisterhood of slayers who dedicate themselves to protecting the world from the beasts of the age before.
  • Jean Martin takes us through the streets of our native Pittsburgh in “I Am Not as Young as I Was,” a tale that pits a Russian immigrant against a vampire. While the beast of darkness and blood preys on the weak, Jean’s female protagonist -a former sharpshooter at Leningrad- is anything but weak.
  • Chris Sumberg brings us a fun piece of flash fiction titled “Anthropomorphile,” reminding us that empathy, and other emotions, are not unique to our species. Chris has had short stories and humor pieces published in Grievous Angel, Urbanite, Orion Magazine, The Guardian, and more.
  • Tom Sheehan, a venerable and accomplished writer at age 91, author of over 35 books and a Korean War Veteran, presents us with a magical tale of moral presence in the world entitled “The Old Man Who Hid Music.”
  • Scot Noel, your publisher, brings you “Walker in Leaves,” a tale of humanity’s successors. Love, caring, community, inventiveness, and exploration: when the last remnant of human consciousness remains, these are the treasures to be passed on to our young successors.

With Steven Brust, Jane Lindskold, and Barbara Barnett in our TOC, we can happily say our very first issue contains works from Award Winning writers and New York Times best-selling authors!

Why do we call it our “Founders’ Issue?”

  • Founders Recognition. Print and Online subscribers of our first issue will be recognized as DreamForge Founders both online and in print.
  • Founder Authors’ Bonus. Subscribe at the Print Level (Forge Master) before 2/14/19, and any story you submit while an active subscriber (up to 5 per year) will be reviewed and answered personally by Editor-in-Chief Scot Noel.
  • e-Book Bonus. In addition to your DreamForge Magazine subscriptions, you receive a FREE e-Book copy of The Stellar Glory, a novel taking you into the battle for the nature of reality itself.
  • Special Surveys. Founders will be our go-to first voice for surveys and polls that affect the future of DreamForge Magazine and the efforts of DreamForge Press, LLC.

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